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A Message from Lucy

Lucy NatkielIn 2006 when I announced that I would no longer be designing and making Brown Bag Cookie Molds, I was deluged with letters from the many mothers and grandmothers, bakers and collectors, crafters and teachers whom I had come to know through Brown Bag over the years. “You can’t stop!” I heard over and over.

But I was tired; I needed a break so that the creativity and joy that had engendered the cookie molds in the first place could resurface.

I didn’t know how long this would take, and I didn’t know what form it would take, but I knew something would come.

Well, I’m back! Lucy and Brown Bag are back in the cookie game.

I’ve just created the first set of Classic Cookie Stamps in what I hope will be a lovely collection. This fall, I’m introducing 4 Classic Christmas Cookie Stamps, a smiling Santa, a Snowflake, a Christmas Tree, and a tiny Reindeer, leaping across the winter sky.

The fluted handles are simple and elegant, each glazed a cranberry red. A special recipe booklet with 5 recipes and complete instructions is tied to the handle with a narrow satin ribbon to make it easy to press 3”cookies that “look as good as they taste”. The stamps are about 3” tall.

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  1. I am so grateful that you are going to continue to create these wonderful molds and stamps. I cannot express the profound joy that this brings. I lost my Mom this past June and she and I used your molds and stamps to make wonderful shortbread cookies that we then delighted in eating. Yes, we did give a bit away. But, we ate most of it ourselves, enjoying them with coffee for every meal or treat or snack. I will cherish the memories of baking with my Mom for the rest of my life. I wish that I had been able to spend the time to teach my Grandchildren. But, they always lived so far away and so I missed their growing up. The collection of molds and stamps are listed in my Will to go to my boys who cook and hopefully they will teach their Grandchildren to bake the wonderful Shortbread cookies with them.

    Again, Thank You so much for your blessed gift of creativity.

    1. Cat, thank you for sharing this. Your story of this special time spent with your mother touches me deeply. I have always believed that it is the small things that we DO with someone we love that turn out to be the important ones, the ones we remember. I am honored that that something I made was involved. This is why I do what do. Thank you.

  2. Dear Lucy,

    My Mother In-law passed away and I received her Sheep Cookie Mold, marked 1983. So here I am at your site doing research on this beautiful mold and what a delight to discover this whole world of shortbread, tradition, and cookie molds.

    Look at the wonderful difference you’ve made in people’s lives. I’ll be making Sheep Cookies for Christmas this year.

    Take car,

    1. Oh, Deborah, what a wonderful note! Thank you so much. Hearing things like this makes me realize what a difference small things can make. Have very Merry Christmas.


    1. Hi, Suzy,
      I’m glad I’m back, too. The ideas are just tumbling out of my head, and I’m having a ball. I don’t even know what’s coming next!


  3. Thanks for your wonderful, creative spirit. I fell in love with these cookie molds back in the 80’s. I restarted collecting them again & what a delight to see you making them again.

    It would be fun to see what others have created with your molds.

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    ~You Rock my cookie world~

    1. What a good idea. I’ll contact my web genius, Rox, and ask her if we can handle images over this blog. I’m really new at this whole thing, and WAY behind the learning curve.
      “You rock my cookie world” makes me giggle.


  4. Many years ago I was attracted to these great molds that I prinally found in a small shop in Visalia CA where I had been living. Having been born and raised in NH I felt real comfort in collectingbthemband using them especially at Christmas time. When my son was young, he and I used to spend hours making these for family and friends who came to visit during the holidays. I decided this year to make them again (after a long hiatus) to take tonight to his home where he is cooking a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner! Won’t he be surprised! Thanks for devoting a big part of your life for an industry that brings joy and happy memories to so many!

    1. Thank you, Jacqui. All of the memories and love around your cookies will make them taste even sweeter.
      A belated Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a very Happy New Year.

  5. Dear Lucy,
    I love your cookie molds! They are truly a work of art. The first one I bought, nearly 30 years ago, was a dinosaur mold. I had 2 little boys who enjoyed their dinosaur cookies! By the time I had my daughter, I had a collection of seasonal cookie molds. She enjoyed the cookies when we had tea parties. Their was a girl who grew up next door who was at my house daily. My “daughter #2” also loved those cookies. When she was old enough to bake, she asked me for the “dinosaur cookie recipe”. Now that she is married and has a little boy of her own, I’ve baked cookies for her family and sent them down to her in NC. Thank you for making such lovely, creative cookie molds!

  6. No matter what I do, I cannot get the dough to come out of the cookie mold. Perpendicular, flour and more flour. Oil very sparingly.

  7. I have been collecting Brown Bag cookie molds and stamps for many years, but have not been able to find a complete list of the molds and the years they were made. without a list, I have no idea what molds to look for to complete my collection. Does anyone have a list available?

    1. Unfortunately, we do not have a complete list. You may want to check our cookie molds page for the list of some of the older molds. Thank you!

  8. Hi Lucy. I purchased a Brown Bag Cookie mold in the 1990’s. I still have it and love it but I’ve lost the little cookie recipe book that came with it. Is there any way to access those recipes. I loved them!

    1. Hi Coleen,

      Lucy had sold her business to Emerson Creek Pottery just a few years ago.

      You may go on Emerson Creek Pottery’s website at and click under the Blog section at the top right. There you will find a few blogs written on the Cookie Pans and Cookie Stamps. Included under the blog section are a few recipes for the stamps and pans. Or you may follow this direct link:

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