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Why There Are No More Cookie Molds

Below is an email I responded to last week. I think I was quite good at explaining myself and why I will not be designing anymore cookie molds. So if you ever wanted to know the reasons then here they are:

Nice to hear from you, Lori:

Lots of people ask about cookie molds.  I really feel that is a body of work that is complete for me, a closed chapter.  I have also been asked if I would sell the designs so someone else could produce them.  That feels even worse.

I truly believe that the reason people have responded to the molds the way they have is because they represent a very personal product in an increasingly impersonal marketplace.  They are a little piece of me.  They are tools that people can use to create something personal for them to give to someone they care about.  It would be a violation of core beliefs to past the molds on to some company that wouldn’t understand this, just to make money.  I destroyed all of the master molds to make sure this could never happen.

The good news is that almost everything shows up on e-bay sooner or later.  Also, I would like to dedicate some portion of my blog as a place where people could post the designs they are looking for.

May I post the part of your letter that asks about the cookie molds?  So many people have the same question that I think they might be interested in why there will be no more cookie molds.

Enjoy the autumn.  I hope you aren’t quite as soggy as I am here in NH.  We’re growing moss on our moss.


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  1. Dear Lucy

    I have recently discovered your fabulous moulds in an oxfam shop, not at all demeaning to their use.
    I was attracted to them by the detail and beauty of the two items, a beautiful swan from the 1984 range and an angel with a lute from the 1986 collection.
    I was so excited to find your fabulous site hear your storey , I respect your decision to stop, and prevent others from from produciceing mass marketed trash, with no heart and love behind the end piece. Although sad to hear that you felt it necessary to distort your original moulds, if you have any left, could you not donate them to a craft or culinary museum with a provisio banning their reproduction and use for eternity.
    Your call, I am a hands on grams and happily spend hours sewing, colouring, reading,playing and cooking with the older ones of my 8 grandchildren. The 2 and 3 year olds love baking cookies and cakes and I can’t wait to use the moulds with them.
    I guess what I really want to say after all this waffle is a big thank you, a big hug from a very happy grams.

    Sincerely Katrin Allen

    1. Dear Katrin,

      I am so pleased that you are spending time baking with your grandchildren. I have a 2 1/2 year old grandson, and he is now old enough to play with me in the kitchen. What a treat. I firmly believe that the things we DO with our children and grandchildren are far more important than the things we buy for them. It pleases me to be part of the process through my cookie molds.

      Though I am flattered by your request, I no longer have molds to sell or donate. There are many available on e-Bay, however, and most are very cheap. Try that.

      Happy holidays,

  2. Lucy,

    I have been using you molds for nearly 30 years. My first was the Santa from 1983. I think I have nearly 50 molds, AND NOT WILLING TO PART WITH THEM ON EBAY.

    My family expects cookies from you molds every holiday. AND we celebrate a holiday every month.

    Using your basic recipes I have expanded my recipes to 30 or so different flavors, substituting ingredients, adding additional ingredients, etc. The favorite is adding an orange liquor to you Spicy Orange recipe.

    I am amazed at the durability of these items. Nearly 30 years of use, pounding, washing, etc and not a single chip.

    Thank you SO much for making the Brown Bag Cookie Mold cookies a part of a family tradition.

    Merle Barnes

    1. Hi, Merie,
      I love that my cookie molds have become part of your family traditions, and it’s great that you are playing around with recipes.. Would you be willing to write up a couple of your favorites to share over this blog? I’m sure other bakers would enjoy trying them, as would I. Thank you for writing.

  3. I finally found your thistle shortbread pan on line…I love it…since then I have found many more at the thrift shops…would never part with mine…

  4. I am wondering where I might find a place to see my two beloved molds from the 1990s. I am moving and will not be able to use them and would like to find people who would want them and appreciate and love them as I do. Suggestions?

    1. Ms. Gardner, you may want to consider selling your cookie molds on Etsy or eBay. Many collectors check these sites for retired designs.

    2. If you are looking to get rid of them to someone who would appreciate them, donate them to a Goodwill or Salvation Army or any thrift store. I have bought my entire collection of about 20 of them all from thrift stores. It is about the hunt for them and finding one in good shape. I love my cookie molds and use them.

  5. Is there a website with pictures of ALL the mold designs. I would like to compare what molds I have with ones I don’t have. Thank you!!

  6. I have, to my knowledge, a complete set of all the Brown Bag cookie presses that were made. They have been on display in my dining room for about 20 years. I’ve decided to sell them and would like to sell them as a set. I have paid as high as $500 for one stamp back when I first started collecting. I also have many molds that I would like to sell. I’m getting older now and looking to sell some things that I know my children do not want to inherit. If anyone has any knowledge of how to sell this set of presses and the molds I would greatly appreciate the information. Also, how can I find the value of the complete set of presses and each mold?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Ebay would be a good place to go to sell and price old cookie press. Often times our pottery shows up on the site for sale by others and that would give you an idea of what there worth. We do not know the current value of our older pieces.

      1. I was hoping maybe some of your bloggers would know of a way to sell the presses/stamps as a collection since I have them all. I’ll explore a different avenue.

        Thank you

  7. Another use for the cookie molds is to recycle paper, put in a blender to make pulp, press the pulp into the molds and express water with a sponge. Let dry for several days, remove from the mold and allow to dry more…you can water color paint or all little embellishments and use for wall hangings or on top of gifts! So, fun…! Had a paper recycle box in my elementary classroom and this was one of our class projects…to use my molds for making pulp gifts!

  8. I love your cookie molds and have 3 of them at home. Unfortunately I have never had much luck with them in making cookies. I’ve tried them with the recipes you provide, but the detail gets lost in baking. Wish I had luck with them, or would love some suggestions

    1. There are a lot of variables that could be at play with your experience with our cookie molds. What I found most important is the needing of the dough before you put into the pan. The dough should be smooth, soft, and have an even consistency through out before you put it into a lightly oiled shortbread pan.

  9. In the paper casting recipe in the booklet, a reference is made to a Paperclay blend. Is this the same thing as the Paperclay sold at craft stores for making dolls, or something else? Does anyone know where can I get it? Thanks!

  10. I have several of the cookie molds that I used for years (back starting in the early 90’s) to make pressed paper ornaments with my children and their friends every year. I know I ran out of the paper that came with the kits so I know I used other paper in subsequent years. Now I’m trying to re-create this project and no matter what I do, I can’t get the paper out of the mold in one piece. I am using watercolor paper that is slightly thicker than the papers. I used hot water and the blender. I tried air drying, microwaving, low heat oven……no matter what I do, I end up with a heap of paper bits pulled out of the molds. I remember making these at home as people were sitting there painting them, so I’m assuming I used the microwave system. Any suggestions as to what could be going wrong?

    1. Hi Bettina,

      We are only the producers of the cookie molds. You may want to try a local craft store for suggestions on pressed paper ornaments.

  11. Good Morning,
    I am so sad to read that Brown Bag cookie molds aren’t made anymore. I have been collecting them for over 20 years and via a divorce my ex would NOT take the molds off the wall and give to me. I was shattered. I now have grandchildren who I wanted to share this baking/craft art with and have nothing.
    So all the molds are gone……oh how I wish someone would have cared as much as I do and stepped up to help bridge your decision.

    Sherry in Arizona

  12. Does anyone have the recipe for Lemon Cardamom cookies? I lost the recipe book that came with my mold. It seems to be in some of the recipe books and not others. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Each Cookie Pan comes with a recipe book but it sounds like you may already have the recipe for the Lemon Shortbread which is included in that book.

      Please allow me a few days to go searching in my old recipe books at home to see if I can find the Lemon Cardamom Cookie recipe.

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