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Brown Paul

Merry Christmas

As a child, Christmas was unalloyed delight, filled with anticipation, excitement, presents, music and family. Of course I loved the presents and all of the preparation, but what I loved most was the hub-bub and joy of all of the members of the family coming together to sing and laugh and celebrate. 

The gatherings seemed huge, with more cousins and relatives than I could then count.  I remember sitting on the steps in Aunt’s house with all of the other little kids, singing my heart out, trying to remember all of the words, enfolded in what seemed to me to be the essence of Christmas.

Now, as a much older woman, Christmas still brings anticipation, joy and family gatherings, but it is bitter-sweet as well.  The loving gatherings are smaller. 

I remember all those dear ones that are gone.  I miss the fullness of the family, but I feel incredibly blessed that I can hold all of those memories in my heart.

This year, I celebrate the love with which I am surrounded.  I celebrate that my darling son Dan will this year be marrying Michaela, his long-time love and partner. 

I celebrate that my wonderful son Alan will be marrying Maria, that the two are expecting a second child this summer to join their son, Paul Graves, and that the family has plans to move to the Concord area in New Hampshire.  My cup runneth over.

With love and best wishes for you and your family, this time of year and always,


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  1. As a long time shortbread maker and pan collector (since the 80s), I am curious about the pans of the past. Is there anywhere that you have posted a list of all of the shortbread pans that have been created by you and when they were issued and reissued? I currently have 24 pans–that number changes frequently as I give pans away and buy different ones. Some I use constantly and get 2 or 3 of the same design, others only come out for special occasions. I even have the limited edition Disney Classic Pooh pan–though it seems different, somehow, and the shortbread doesn’t bake up the same, to me. Forgive my collector mentality, but I have been interested in what other pans are out there and when they were issued.

    1. Oh my. I will have to get back to you on this one. I honestly don’t remember all of the pans I have made and when I did the work. For me, the pleasure and focus are there while I am creating a new design. Once I have finished the master mold work and the design has been sent off to the pottery for production, I move on.
      I did a couple of custom designs for Wm. Sonoma that are pretty rare, one for Easter,. We also made a Leaping Bunny Easter pan for our own line. I liked them, but the buying public didn’t think much of them. I will have to admit that the Winni the Pooh pan is different for me, too. It is the only licensed pan we I ever made. It isn’t really mine, though they were my hands that did the modeling.

      Have you checked out theShortbread Pan website? There should be a link on this site, too.

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