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Cookie Molds from 1992

Cookie Molds introduced in 1992:1992 Limited Edition Santa with Stars, AFA No. 10 Tulips, AFA No. 7 Wild Strawberries, AFA No. 8 Little Rabbit, AFA No. 9 Beehive, Basket of Hearts, Cherub (different version), Contented Cat, Cupid Heart, Dappled Horse,…

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Cookie Molds from 1983

Cookie Molds introduced in 1983:Beautiful Swan, Big Bunny, Cat with Canary, Cat with Flowers, Cat with Ice Cream Cone, Cherub, Good Luck Fish (First Cookie Mold) Hotel, Lion, St. Nicholas 1983**All molds from 1983 may not be represented here. These…

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Cookie Molds from 2005

Cookie Molds introduced in 2005:Pere Noel Santa - 2005 Limited, Kim's Hearts Cut-Apart, Celtic Heart, Wheelbarrow, Swallowtail Butterfly, Ivy Bunny, Unicorn, Cactus Moon, Two Squirrels, Little Angel**All molds from 2005 may not be represented here. These pictures are for visual…

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Cookie Molds from 2004

Cookie Molds introduced in 2004:Santa with Kitty - 2004 Limited, Welcome Heart, Garden Flower Cut-Apart, Friendly Bugs Cut-Apart, Sleeping Fairy, Spotted Butterfly, Puppy, Palm Tree, Pumpkin Head, Victorian Christmas Cut-Apart**All molds from 2004 may not be represented here. These pictures…

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