Cookie Molds from 1984

Cookie Molds introduced in 1984:

Big Fat Pig, Bunny with Backpack, Christmas Tree, Cupid, Easter Basket, Goose, Lucy’s Cow, Rocking Horse, Sleigh, Teddy Bear, Victorian Heart, Wooly Lamb*

*All molds from 1984 may not be represented here. These pictures are for visual information only.

4 thoughts on “Cookie Molds from 1984”

    1. I’m sorry, but I no longer make cookie molds or sell cookie molds. The Woolie Lamb was very popular over the years. There are lots nof them in circulation, so I’m sure you will be able to pick one up on e-Bay for a very reasonable price.


  1. I have collected many of your molds for years. I really enjoy using them. I have searched for copies of all of your catalogs so that I can get more ideas and be able to have a better inventory of the ones that I own. I would be willing to pay for color copies of the catalogs. Would you possibly be able to help me out?

    Thank you for your consideration
    Laurie McClary

  2. Hello,

    I’m taking a chance that this website is still being monitored by someone who may be able to answer my question. I inherited all of my mother’s precious Brown Bag Cookie Molds when she passed away. Unfortunately, we recently discovered toxic mold in our house that has infiltrated everything.

    My question is in regards to whether or not I can save the molds and how to go about doing that: can I safely heat them or wash them in the dishwasher or use a mold disinfectant without damaging them for future use? I don’t know what they’re made of or how porous they are, but the seem to be porous upon examination.

    Any insight would be helpful.

    Thank you kindly,

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