Cookie Molds from 1985

Cookie Molds introduced in 1985:

Birthday Cake, Clown, Dancers, Gingerbread House, Girl Doll, Stegosaurus, Toy Bear, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex*

*All molds from 1985 may not be represented here. These pictures are for visual information only.

1 thought on “Cookie Molds from 1985”

  1. Stephanie Spangler

    I just found one of my cookie molds from childhood- 1990 ghost. This is the only article I could find a way to comment on – I’m not sure if you still get comments now, but I thought I’d try.
    Thank you for the dear childhood memories. Over three decades later, I can still recall the memories of my mother making us cookies from the recipes and molds, and eating them fresh out of the oven. There is no comparison to the taste and flavor . I can’t wait to make a batch for myself now that I’ve found one of my molds. I must buy the hummingbird mold to add to my collection!
    Best wishes and thanks,

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