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Cookie Molds introduced in 1988:

Boy Folk Doll, Christmas Star, Double Heart, Easter Egg, Girl Folk Doll, Holly Wreath, Lace Heart, Love Letter, Lovebirds, Pumpkin, Scaredy Cat, Sleepy Cat, Spot the Dog, Witch*

*All molds from 1988 may not be represented here. These pictures are for visual information only.

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  1. How can I post a photo of my angel holding a heart mold, dated 1986?
    I also have a Santa from 1991.

    1. Hi Erin! I don’t think you can post a photo directly on our site. If you want our team to consider posting them to the website, please send us a photo of the front and back of each mold. You can send them to, and we’ll forward them to our website team.

  2. My short bread, cookie mold is a 1966 hill design.
    I just want to know how to use it correctly.

    1. Hi Marjorie! There are some instructions on the homepage of our website the tell you how to use the mold. You should brush it lightly with oil before use. Hope this helps!

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