Cookie Molds from 1997

Cookie Molds introduced in 1997:

1997 Limited Edition Santa in Stocking, Bat, Christmas Cut-Apart, Christmas Wreath, Easter Bunny Egg, Gingerbread Cottage, Hanukkah Cut-Apart, Heart Cut-Apart, Heart in Hand, Kitten Moon, Magical Horse, Noah’s Ark, Sea Shell Cut-Apart, Seashell Cut-Apart, Teacup Cut-Apart, Teapot Cut-Apart, Turkey*

*All molds from 1997 may not be represented here. These pictures are for visual information only.

2 thoughts on “Cookie Molds from 1997”

  1. Hi , I am hoping you could tell me more about the cookie mold the ” Magical Horse ” .This was given to me by my grandmother and it is marked irregular . Was there two sets made ? It has the trademark on it. I would really love any info you could give me . Thank you !! Kelly

    1. I’m a little confused as to which mold you are referring. We made a square Magical Horse mold for use casting paper in 1994, and a cookie mold in the shape of a running horse in 1997. The Magical Horse cookie mold can be used just as are all the others, but the square paper casting mold is too shallow, the detail too fine to work making cookies. It does, however, make beautiful paper castings and spectacular molded chocolates.


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