Cookie Molds from 1990

Cookie Molds introduced in 1990:

Cat and Fiddle, Christmas Bear, Daffodil Heart, Ghost, Partridge in a Pear Tree, Rolling Rabbits, Silver Bells, Sleepy Teddy, Strawberry Heart*

*All molds from 1990 may not be represented here. These pictures are for visual information only.

4 thoughts on “Cookie Molds from 1990”

  1. Dear Lucy,
    We are public school in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and our 2nd grade classes go to see the “Nutcracker” ballet every year, in Seattle.
    Is there a way to purchase the Nutcracker cookie mold in bulk? We want to have the children use recycled paper pulp with this mold to create a keepsake for their families.
    I personally own 20 of your molds, but not this one!!!
    Thank you for responding! Meilan Hom (volunteer teacher)

    1. Hi, Meilan,

      I’m afraid I can’t help you. I stopped making and selling cookie molds quite a while ago, and I have none to sell. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have one of every mold I ever made, including the Nutcracker.

      Your idea for your second graders is nice. How many second graders are involved? If you have a Nutcracker mold yourself, maybe you could cast the paper images at home, then have each of your students paint theirs. You can speed up the casting process by drying the paper pulp in the mold in a microwave oven. You will have to be careful about timing, though. I usually start with 45 seconds on full, then check, then do a little more if it is needed to get the pulp dry enough to release from the mold, and so on. You will have to fiddle around to determine what works.

      Another thought… check on e-Bay to see if you can pick up additional molds. Then you might be able to enlist the help of a few parents to make some of the castings.
      Good luck, and please let me know how your project turns out.


  2. Hi Lucy,

    I have several of your molds, but have lost the recipe and care pamphlet. Is it possible to get that from you? I would greatly appreciate it, I want to hand these down to my grandchildren. Thank you so much for your attention to this request.

    Eunice Bright

    1. Ms. Bright,

      Please send your request to the email address listed on our “Contact Us” page of this website.

      Thank you!

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